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    Premium Coffee


    What Sets us apart

    Blue Spring Roast

    Fueling your day on the water.


    Our Story

    Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere, or in the middle of it all, you can take the wild abandon of the Niangua River with you.

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    We’re not trying to be fancy

    We’re not trying to be fancy

    We just think everyone deserves a really great cup of coffee.  

    Our coffee is made with care, precision, knowledge and selectivity. We’re not bringing you just any ol’ beans with a fun name. Each meticulously prepared batch embodies excellence so you can enjoy consistently great flavor in every cup.

    It's about the details

    It's about the details

    We don’t mask our beans with flavored oils, and unlike many mainstream coffees, our beans never have a burnt flavor.

    Through our unique roasting process, we let the purity of the beans speak for themselves. We roast, bag and deliver our beans in time for peak freshness and optimal enjoyment.

    Join the Brew Crew

    Join the Brew Crew

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